McDonald’s Canada New CBO (Chicken Bacon Onion) Sandwich

Last week I received a tweet on my @NitaCure4T1D Twitter from McDonald’s Canada thanking me for my support.   They asked me to DM them and pass along my address.

They said to watch out for a gift card that was coming to me and that they wanted me to try their new CBO (Chicken Bacon Onion) sandwich.  I was expecting them to send me the gift card by mail not FedEx Priority Overnight which cost them more than the actual gift card that they sent.


We had to go into the city last night anyway to drop CJ off with his mom and get some groceries so we made it a date for Marcus, Ty and I.

We ordered three CBO meals, two crispy CBO’s and one grilled.


Look at this sandwich, it looks fantastic.

Marcus doesn’t usually like burgers or sandwiches with any sauce but we got them to put light sauce on his grilled CBO. There was perhaps too little of sauce.  So little that you could hardly see it when you lifted the top off the sandwich.  Our sandwiches had the normal amount of sauce and that didn’t seem like enough to us.  Note to self: Ask for extra sauce on the side next time.

The sandwich has hickory smoked bacon, crunchy onions, creamy pepper sauce and the choice between grilled or crispy chicken on an onion and sesame seed square bun. It is light and not too filling and it hits the spot when you don’t want a greasy burger but want a hot sandwich. The sauce, although not an abundance, is sweet and peppery and adds a nice complementary flavour to the sandwich.

The carbohydrates are just right too.  As I mentioned previously, Marcus had the grilled CBO which by the way has a considerably lower carbs than the crispy.  The grilled chicken is 46 (48-2 fibre) and the crispy chicken is 60 (62-2 fibre).  That means when I swagged Marcus at 50, I was pretty dang close.  The bad part was that he had no insulin in his pump and forgot to bolus for his chicken after eating so we had a high to deal with last night.

The sodium is a killer though and I recommend not eating one of these a day otherwise this will be the only thing you eat all day.  Sodium for the grilled chicken is 1,000 mg and 42% of your daily value and the crispy chicken the sodium is 1,160 mg or 48% of your daily value.

I have included screen shots below of the nutrition information taken from the McDonald’s Canada website on February 10, 2015.

My personal opinion is that you should try this sandwich and ask for some extra sauce on the side just in case they don’t put enough on the burger.  Although, you could always dip your fries in that sauce, it’s that good.


Crispy CBO Nutrition


Grilled CBO Nutrition

Disclaimer:  I received a $10 gift card from McDonald’s Canada for my continued support which was put toward the purchase of our three meals and the thoughts are my own.


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