Coupon Savings

We love saving money.  Who doesn’t?  It allows us to spend more on the older kids or go to events that we normally wouldn’t go to. Just this week alone, I managed to save over $50 just at Target via their online coupon site.

See!target savingsCouponing is something I never thought I would do.  It used to annoy me because I would get stuck in the line behind someone who used coupons for everything.  That was, until I started to save money myself and I love the idea of getting things we use anyway, cheaper.

I am nothing like those women on the extreme couponing shows but I might be close.  I have a spreadsheet (thanks Microsoft!) that helps me track the savings that I have the potential of obtaining.

I don’t print too many useless coupons for things we don’t need.  We plan meals around the food items that we can get on sale.  I think it is a smart money saving option for us, especially with a new baby only a little over a month away.

It was only this week that I started to use the coupon tracking spreadsheet because I kept finding that I let coupons that we really needed, expire. Bummer!

couponsavingsI spent a good part of the day on Monday trying to figure out what I wanted to have the spreadsheet look at and on Tuesday I started to creat it but headed to Pinterest for inspiration and saw taht Microsoft has their own template. Awesome!  It only needed a few modifications to be useable for us but it is up and running and working well for us so far.

Now, if I could only get my coupon binder done. 😉


Family Menu Organization

Hi There!

This is my first blog post here. I am currently undergoing a change of pace.  I normally blog over at because my son and (soon-to-be) step-son have Type 1 Diabetes but I am currently having issues with updating there because I am so scatterbrained due to pregnancy hormones.

If you are a mom, or have ever experienced how terrible a woman’s’ memory can get when they have pregnancy brain, you know how I feel right now.

This post is a result of said pregnancy brain and my attempt to overcome it and be more organized.

We are a busy family always on the go but…it doesn’t seem like we have enough hours in the day to get everything done. (Oh! You’ve heard that before? It’s because it is true. – Isn’t it?)

We are currently TRYING to save for our family vacation to Florida to the Children with Diabetes – Friends For Life Conference (since they cancelled the Canadian one) but are having a hard time with two children with diabetes and a baby on the way plus regular expenses.

Since we are trying to save money and to be a better organized family, Ty and I decided that we were going to have planned meals each month. So far, the idea was well received by the boys and had few complains so far but…it is only Day 3 of our planned meals.  I honestly don’t see this going all that well because Ty and I are so tired at the end of the day that we just want to crash on the couch and sleep but we can’t. Boo!

To organize and to involve the boys in the scheduling of the meals, we printed off a calendar and menu options and went over them at the end of our family meeting two weeks ago.

We I  also instituted a rule (which Ty doesn’t like so much because it resulted in my kid and I not eating the planned meal on Saturday) was, that they boys have to help make dinner (or alternatively, if you don’t want the meal) you get bread, butter and water for dinner.  I know, I know I am torturing my family.  I am not, honestly.  The goal is to have the boys like more things because they will have a hand in cooking it.  Sounds like a fool proof plan, doesn’t it? Haha who am I kidding, this won’t work well for long. 

To better organize the meals, we also entered them electronically into our family Goggle calendar which syncs all events to our phones.

I love seeing what is coming up for dinner in the next week, however, I dropped and broke my phone last Thursday and am currently without my phone and I don’t want to download too much stuff onto the loaner phone that my company gave me.

What about you, do you have planned meals for the family?