Monopoly Junior Family Game Night

On Friday we try to have a family game night because it is so hectic during the week. Also, with the two boys split between households it is one of the few nights that we have time to relax after a long week.

This week I received a free Monopoly Junior board game courtesy of Influenster Canada and Hasbro Games.

The characters were cool! – Marcus and Calix

I must admit that I am so not a Monopoly fan at all. The regular game takes way too long in my books and can be very drawn out. I prefer my games to be played in about an hour. Monopoly Junior is perfect for the boys (aged 8 & 9) and the two adults (32 & 34).


Monopoly Junior is quick and simple and the rules are so easy to follow. You MUST buy a property if you land on it (or pay rent if it is already bought). If you can’t pay rent or buy a property you are bankrupt and the game is over. When you go to jail it is super easy to get out, you pay and you are done. Overall there are fewer pieces and no property cards.

I don’t mind the less pieces and property cards. As I said, I like the simple quick games. Life is hectic enough that I don’t need stress with my board games.  Our boys like something a little more challenging because they are right on that curve of child games and adult games.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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