Annual Ottawa Ribfest

Every year Ottawa has this super sticky ribfest here in Ottawa down on Sparks Street.  It is one of the best weekends here in Ottawa, other than the oodles of music festivals.  Honestly, Summer in Ottawa is hpping, to me Ribfest is what kickstarts summer for me here in the Nation’s Capital.

Ribfest happens on the last weekend in June running Wednesday until Sunday.  In years past I have gone on the weekends where the crowds were massive and it was difficult to breathe, let alone move.

Last year Ty and I raced down to Ribfest on Friday afternoon only to race back to make sure we were home in time for Marcus to get off the bus.  This year, we took both boys and the baby who can’t eat but woke up at the smell of food (I swear she will be a healthy eater since she wakes up EVERY time there is food near her.)

Do you know how difficult it is to swag carbs for ribs? Quite difficult since one kid was low when we got home and the other was high.  Although, the one that was high had a stomach ache and felt ill.  He isn’t one to complain about a stomach ache until he is about to vomit.  Luckily, we avoided any upchucking on the way home.

We went to three places this year, Camp 31 (my fave), Uncle Sam’s and Billy Bones.  My mini reviews are under the poster.


I have been going to ribfest for six years or so and Camp 31 is my all time favourite and they have only disappointed me once by running out of their bottled sauce to buy.  They are smokey and flavourful ribs that have the right amount of meat to bone ratio. They fall off the bone with little effort and the underside of the rib is perfectly dry, almost like jerky.  Mmmm, I wish we had gotten more than the full rack from them this year.  I only had four bones and I could have eaten a full rack to myself.  That’s okay because we have a pound of their pulled pork in the fridge that I am going to eat on everyone else. 🙂

Uncle Sam’s looked good and although I didn’t have any of their ribs this year, I did manage to get a small taste of their sauce and it was rather sweet for my liking.  The ribs looked more fatty than I prefer but the boys scarfed them down.

The third and final set of ribs that we got this year were from Billy Bones but I haven’t tried them yet.  They are in our fridge along with another pound of pulled pork.

If you are in the Ottawa area this weekend, I suggest you head down to Sparks Street Mall and check out Ribfest.


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