No news is good new, right?

Last Wednesday I had my Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) – if you didn’t read about it, check it out here.

My OB/GYN mentioned that if I didn’t hear from her office in the beginning of the week, all was good with my GTT and the other blood tests that they ran.

At least that is what I heard and Ty wasn’t listening because he was paying attention to the sound of the baby’s heart beat.  Thanks Hun, you are SUPPOSED to be the one who remembers things because I am the one with pregnancy brain.

Being the paranoid mother that I am, I called my Docs office this morning to make sure they got my results back and to make sure that everything was okay.  Just in case I was next on the list to call because their phone system was down earlier this week.  Paranoid much? Yes, I am.  Besides phone systems have been known to go down.  Those automated computers aren’t perfect you know.

My mind has been put to rest.  No gestational diabetes for me but I need to take my vitamins which admittedly I have forgotten to take forever. Other than that, everything seems to be in tip-top shape.

I have another appointment to see my OB/GYN next week where she will confirm all the tests.  And I have a cardiologist appointment for the baby at CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) sometime.  I SHOULD probably check my calendar to make sure I don’t miss it.


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