Olympic Medals and Skiing

This weekend was the beginning of the Sochi 2014 Olympics and a Saturday full of skiing for the boys.

Our Saturday morning is uber busy resulting in all four of us waking up earlier than we would during the week but we have to drive 1.5 hours to the ski hill.  Thankfully, there are only 6 more weeks of early Saturday mornings.

Sitting at the ski hill watching people ski for five and a half hours each Saturday is torture to a pregnant woman who LOVES to ski. If I wasn’t worried about something happening, I would be out on the hill in a heartbeat.  However, despite my skiing ability, I don’t trust everyone else to go out there.

This weekend, we moved from the uncomfortable window seat that I covet each week because it allows for everyone to sit comfortably and our gear to be out of the way, to the bar.  When Marcus went back outside for this afternoon session, we snagged a couch in the bar so we could watch the Olympics and to allow CJ a place to nap after his morning ski.

CJ was learning how to do hockey stops this week which is fantastic for his level of skiing. A month ago, he was never on skis.

One positive thing about his learning to ski so late is that he is physically able to learn faster than if he was 4 or 5 on skis.  CJ and one other girl were novice skiers at the beginning of this season and the rest of his group had a year or two (or more) experience and higher skill level.  The CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance) states that you have to teach for the level that the majority of the people in your class.  Luckily for CJ, they have more experience which is great for him because he gains the confidence faster than if he would have been switched out of his class, like they do at a lower level for the younger kids.

Marcus was teaching the girls in his class how to ski backwards, which is great for him as he is the only boy in his class other than Nick, his instructor.  Marcus has been skiing for almost 5 years now. Holy cow, how time flies.

Skiing backwards requires a lot of confidence in your skiing and most Level 1 CSIA candidates that I know can barely do it when they take their Level 1.  I guess skiing with him helps and the fact that he has seen me and many other instructors teach while skiing backward makes him more confident.

Ty and I were in the bar Saturday afternoon while CJ slept on the couch and watched the Ladies’ Mogul finals.  It was great to watch two of the three (Justine – Gold, Chloe – Silver and Maxime) Dufour-Lapointe sisters win Gold and Silver medals for Canada.  All three women did a fantastic job at representing Canada.  Congrats girls, your hard work has not gone unnoticed.


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