Parking Challenged

While searching Pinterest for free printables for the baby’s room I stumbled upon these printable cards which are fantastic for those people who are parking challenged and who think they can park where they want.

Those same idiots take up more than one space or park on an angle thus resulting in the loss of three spaces total.  Of course, I suffer from terrible road parking rage and will park so close to their vehicle just to spite them.

My momma wouldn’t like that (Sorry Mom!) but people need to be taught that they are not the most important people in the world.  I am! 😀


These are so fantastic that I have saved her printable PDF and printed off several sheets to use but I can’t use them. Ty begged me last night not to post the picture to this because it could have a negative impact if we were to hand out these cards and it got back to his employer.  As such, I decided not to hand out these cards to the parking challenged people.

I’m just putting this out there.  If you decide to do this, please think of me as you place these on their vehicles as I am living vicariously though you.  Now go!  Make the earth a better place for us to park.


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