Glucose Tolerance Test

Today I had my Glucose Tolerance Test. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant.

If you have had a baby, you remember how horrible it is.  If you are having your first or don’t know what it is, it is orange flat soda looking drink that has an awful taste and you HAVE to get it down into your system in less than 5 minutes. BARF!

The purpose of it is to check you for gestational diabetes (GD).  The first time around I was carrying my son, more than 8 years ago now, I passed with flying colours.  Little did I know that when he was five he would develop Type 1 Diabetes (an incurable autoimmune disease – you can read more about that at

Other than the aches, pain and moodiness the glucose tolerance test is the thing I dislike most about being pregnant.

The process is simple but a pain nonetheless but only takes about an hour, unless you fail then you have to do a three-hour test.

You drink the sludge (it is less sludge like when it is cold), wait the hour and have your blood sugar tested by having vials of blood taken from your veins.  If all goes according to plan and you do not have GD then your blood glucose will return back to ‘normal’ ranges within the hour.

The point of the sludge is to drown your body’s internal organs in sugar sludge to see if your pancreas works well enough to give the insulin you need to regulate your blood sugar back under 10 mmol/l  (180 mg/dl) range.

Since my son was diagnosed with T1D, I have noticed the tiniest fluctuations in my own blood sugar because I need to watch for certain things for him and his behaviour changes so suddenly you would think he is bi-polar – he isn’t.  Since I noticed fluctuations in my own blood sugar, I notice when I have too much sugar I have a huge headache which is common for people with T1D and I get the moodiness and shakes like people with both T1D and T2D do when they are low.

Since becoming pregnant, I have noticed a lot of low symptoms and I am fortunate enough to have spare blood glucose testers (meter) at home that I use to check my blood sugar with.  No one wants to willingly check their sugar levels but since my boys can do it upwards to 8-12 times in a day and they are eight year old champs, I can do it too.  Although, I am still a wimp in most respects, I use the fleshy part of my hand to check rather than the sides of my fingers.  My fingers are uber sensitive and Ty makes fun of me for it.  I can’t even hold a hot coffee without almost dropping it because it is too hot for me.

Today while drinking the syrup I had every intention of chugging it.  I had a good rhythm going too until Ty spoke and broke my concentration.  It took everything I had to get it down in the 5 minutes but shortly after downing the bottle, I noticed my head felt funny and had a headache developing and my stomach started to ache.  It felt like I sat and ate candy all day type of stomach ache.

Here it is almost finished…GTTDrink

I saw the doc and everything was fine with the baby and she THINKS that it has already turned its head down but wasn’t sure because the heart was right in the middle of my belly.

After the appointment I waited in the waiting room for the 35 minutes until I needed to have my blood taken and I was feeling light-headed and I knew I was “going low” but when I checked my blood sugar I was 8.7 mmol/l (157 mg/dl) which was unusual because I must have been dropping fast to feel that way. I had my blood drawn and left the office.  I checked my blood sugar in the car just before getting lunch because I was HUNGRY and I was 8.8 mmol/l (158 mg/dl). I went up! Crap.

I plan to check my sugar again shortly but the effects are crazy of this little orange drink.

Check out the possible side effects. They force pregnant women to drink this stuff. Gosh!


I am currently waiting for the official results but I think I am in the clear. At least I hope I am.


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