3 days and we have yet to make the meals

As I mentioned in my first post (Family Meal Organization), we use Google Calendar to organize our family meals.

Below is February’s meal breakdown.


I am sure there is an easier way than creating an all day event to show the meals that we have planned and if you know of one, please let me know.  We are up for anything to make our lives easier and better organized.

So far, after 3 days we have yet to make the meals at home or in a timely matter.

February 1:  We were missing some groceries. We have no idea what happened to them but we were missing ham and chili mix that we know of.

Saturday was chili night, we had to improvise.  We bought chili on the way home from skiing at a fast food restaurant and ate it that way.  Of course, my son and I both dislike chili and opted to eat the bread/crackers and water. Ty didn’t like that too much.

February 2:  Super Bowl Sunday!!! We were supposed to have taco night.  We did but…we ate really late. The tacos were rushed and we sat at the table watching the game even though I don’t like the tv on during meal time but the Super Bowl is one exception.  Strangely enough, I am the only one in the house who likes football.

February 3:  Chicken Masala night turned into mandarin food and hot dogs at the food court.  I had to pick up a dresser in the city at 7pm and it didn’t make sense to drive an hour home, make food and scarf it down and make it back into the city for 7.

Tonight, it’s wing night. Let’s hope we can get this one right. 😀

Any big changes take time to adjust to and hopefully that is all this is.

** Edited:  Wing night was a success! We ate at a decent time and we had wings that you bake first and put your own sauce on after.  Ty had the sweet chili thai – something like that and I put regular bbq sauce on mine.  They tasted so good, I wish I asked for more.**


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